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Southeastern Livestock Network, LLC




The primary purpose of the Southeastern Livestock Network, LLC is to represent the interests of regional livestock producers in the regulatory and legislative arenas that impact their ability to manage and market their animals and to provide data management services for cattlemen, auction markets, order buyers, and the beef industry.


The goals of the SLN are to:


  • Protect, promote, and improve the livestock industry and it’s marketing infrastructure in the partner states
  • Serve as an independent party, representing the interests of the producers and markets in legislative and political arenas
  •  Provide valuable services to the livestock industry in a manner which seeks to control the cost of those services
  • Serve as a collective voice to address future issues of concern to livestock producers in cooperating states
  • Expand the uses of Electronic ID technology in the industry for the benefit of the producers and market channels
  • Serve as the voice for the cattle industry in national and state legislative and regulatory arenas in a collaborative effort with other like purposed groups
  • Support the eleven state cattlemen’s association and their members. 



    SLN Members: 
    Alabama Cattlemen's Association
    Florida Cattlemen's Association
    Georgia Cattlemen's Association
    Kentucky Beef Network, LLC
    Louisiana Cattlemen's Association
    Mississippi Cattlemen's Association
    North Carolina Cattlemen's Association
    South Carolina Cattlemen's Association
    Tennessee Cattlemen's Association
    Virginia Cattlemen's Association
    West Virginia Cattlemen's Association

    Southeastern Livestock Network
    176 Pasadena Drive
    Lexington, KY 40503